Hello World!

I have another blog.
I initially wasn’t wishing to start like this, but as it turns out I can’t stay anonymous, and since I also don’t want to create another user for this blog. So, what the hell!
This is my first post on this blog, and as with the previous blog, the first post is called “Hello world!”. By previous blog, I mean the other blog which is still very much alive, not kicking maybe, but still alive.
I intend this to be a 60-day blog. Or thereabouts. I won’t be continuing on this blog after that. I’m planning to make a new blog after that called: “not a first time novelist”
How original of me!
The main reason behind setting up this blog was to chronicle this journey, this path which I take for finishing my first novel. Oh and in case any of you were still wondering, I wanted to remain anonymous because you know, that quote about giving a man a mask, and letting his true feelings show. It was supposed to be about that. True feelings, totally unbarred, unrelenting.
Whatever will happen to that? you are bound to wonder.
Well, it is still going to be true, unrelenting, because you see I don’t manage huge numbers. Well, I didn’t on the previous blog. I hope I can on this one. Not huge. Not really. Just a couple of people who happen to have a different view, perhaps; who are not bound by the society I live in.
Here’s to hoping.
And to work.
Sixty days. The first one begins today.

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