Who’ll fight my wars?

Who’ll fight my wars?
Who? Who’ll fight my wars?

Yes, you!
Remember what they did to your brother?
Your mother, your sister?
They raped her; them.
They raped them,
Burned them alive.
All while you watched!
Scared, afraid, from afar,
From the crowds;
Afraid that they’ll burn you too!

Not anymore, no!
Don’t be afraid anymore.
It’s time you struck fear,
In their hearts, homes, cities, nations!
You, yes, you!
Pick up the gun,
Or the bomb,
Go on!
And burn their houses,
Rape their women and children
While they watch;
Scared, afraid from the crowds.
Afraid, yes, afraid!

You, yes, you
Will fight my wars!

Can’t you see;
The God in me?
I’m his voice,
His hand.
I see his will.
‘Fight’ He says
‘Fight for your rights;
And the rights of your people!’
For our place in world is in danger!’
‘Fight or Perish!’

But fight!
I command you.

Burn cities and towns
Kill each and all;
Don’t think!
I’ll do that for you know;
You are my son nw, my righteous flock!
I will take care of my own.

You will go to heaven!
Bravery and a just cause
Don’t ever go unrewarded.
Bravery, and a just cause!

What is just?
My wars are holy, just.
Fight! Fight through hell down here,
For heaven once you are gone!
Fight! For there’s no hope down here;
But death and hurt!
Fight! For there are angels up there;
Angels, and milk and honey.
Fight my wars for me, son;
For I am your God,
And you will fight my wars.

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