Moving On

So, the blog I was supposed to start later, is up, and running. Its been a good month or so here, and while it was great while it lasted, I got paid.

Let me explain that.

I had a job, yes, had a job and with the first salary I got, I paid for the address. Nothing more, I mean I could have but that would have prevented the posting stuff up there, so I didn’t. It didn’t matter. At a further time, it very well might.

That is what is important, I guess to get it all going, a minimal approach to blogging where all you need to do, at least initially is to get stuff out of the door, get the blood pumping. I think that is happening right now.

I guess I can’t stretch it anymore. Check it out, yeah?


“1991 is as far from you as is 2030”

It has been a week since I wrote something for the blog. It has been a particularly tiring week this. Both with the literal and the non-literal scenario. The story is finally going fine, but not without its hiccups. It was a week full of deciding which way the story should go. And when I finally was more or less decided with what was going to be the general direction, the troubles began.

What I do is tell stories, and if I were to talk to somebody, my friends, my family or even a random stranger on the street, and tell them what was in my mind, I’ve already told my story; I can’t do that again! I experiment with this once, on Wattpad. I began with a story, was some fourteen chapters inside, but then I couldn’t continue. This post, get feedback, continue-system of writing works for some, and quite spectacularly so I might add; but not for me. Also once, it’s out there, later on if you want to change something in the beginning, you can’t. Because as I said, you never know where the characters take you.

Flow, becomes important in these cases. Telling stories that is. I get that when you’re stuck at some point it feels like a better option to continue at a future point, and believe me at that point everything in the future seems so awesome. But once you make the jump, you can’t go back to where you were. It’s sad, but true. It has happened to me already once. And I had to dump that story, and start afresh, just because I was struggling with describing the protagonist and decided to get back at the problem, after chasing something else in the future. It doesn’t and it didn’t pan out.

It is important I guess, to struggle. No matter how long it takes, or how hard it gets to continue with the flow. Finish with the current circumstances before going on ahead; because once you’ve made the jump, you can not go back.

I had similar desires in the past week. The story was stuck, and the ideas I had for the future were far more appealing. Still are I think. But I could not leave it unfinished. I could not let it go with just one chapter left between now and the future. I think I did right. I’m on the fifth and last chapter of this leg, and I guess it’s turning out great.

P.S. Chapter Five. The timeline is pretty much screwed now.

Do what you want to!

“Whatever you do, make sure that you are not doing what your father, mother or society wishes you to do because you don’t want to end up where you don’t want to be” I was talking to a friend the previous night, and as I said this, I realised the fallacy of the statement. I hate predictability. Because you just can’t be sure, how the following moment enacts itself. It’s all probabilities. Maybe this, maybe that. Never this or that. So, as I said what I said, I realised she couldn’t be sure that the place she ends up being would be not to her liking. Maybe she doesn’t like something right now, but that is not to say she won’t like the same thing after a year. But it was as good as advice as any. I say this because I face a similar dilemma. What it is that I should do? I enjoy writing, I know I do. But do I have the seriousness to go with it? I know it won’t pay well, so I’m looking for a job elsewhere too. I want to work core, but I’ve been advised to join the sprawling IT scene in India. I came across an excellent quote today. It said, “It’s not what you do once in a while, it’s what you do day in and out that makes the difference” It is a great quote really. Sums it all up beautifully in a single sentence. Why I need to write daily. Why I need to set regular targets and beat them. Meanwhile, I have prepared a brief overview for the book and written down the first chapter. More updates will follow.